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Be Prepared!

Enjoying a day on the Bay is simple, but there are a few things to remember... Weather can and will be an important element of your journey, so come prepared! Temperatures on the water can be much cooler than on land. It can also be very hot on the water. Layers of clothing will ensure that you can keep warm if it's a cold morning, and shed some layers to enjoy the midday sun. The boat sails rain or shine! Check out the weather links below to know what's coming.

The sun is another important factor to prepare for. Though there is shelter on the boats, come prepared for an entire day of sun exposure (What more could you hope for?) Bring sunblock!

The light from the sun reflects strongly off the surface of the waves. The reflection of the sun is just as harmful to your eyes as the light directly from the sun. Bring UV protecting sunglasses, it will help prevent crow's feet, and you'll look cooler in your trophy photographs!

The last piece of equipment that may help you deal with the sun is a large brimmed hat. They can really be a lifesaver.


If the forecast calls for rain, make sure to bring a watertight jacket! The rubberized variety is probably the best bet, it's no fun to spend a whole day soaking wet and shivering.

In order to protect OUR equipment, we have a few simple requests. Please wear tennis shoes or deck shoes with soft, non-black soles. There is always a chance of water on your feet, so don't wear your Sunday best.

As far as tackle, you are welcome to bring your own, as long as you can carry it in a single trip. We have all the rods and baits you'll need for the day. We provide fish coolers while you're on the water, so NO LARGE COOLERS PLEASE! If you bring a small cooler with food and drink, NO GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE!

Here's some helpful links:

WEATHER.GOV marine forecast for Chesapeake Bay
WUNDERGROUND.COM Weather Forecast for Annapolis, MD

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